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Dale Parsons'  tribute page 


Joe Franklin's "Memory Lane"


Chicago-Los Angeles-New York-Washington DC


the blog of Jose Fritz 


Library of Congress "National Jukebox" 


Bobby Goldberg's radio site


Tidewater's soul heritage 


Library of Virginia's  "Radio in Virginia" 


"Hoppy" Adams  WANN Annapolis 


Fred Robinson

 Baltimore radio legend


Pirate Jim's Radio History


Giant Gene  Arnold 


Ron Sayles' Radio Personalities


Ted Tatman's tribute page


 central Virginia memories


 there was only one


 Charlotte's air legend


Jack  Gale 


Bob Denver


Jack Sterling 


Jean  Shepherd


listen to Larry Glick!

WBZ's all-night guy in the 1960's and 70's


Norm Nathan WBZ's all night man in the 1980's and 90's


 Dale  Patterson


black and white tv 


the home of Bernie Wise broadcast design legend


Stan Coutant's Microphones


University of Maryland


one stop broadcast information


Radio World 


Radio Magazine


software and broadcast consulting


archival  tv  audio


Bob Corbin's  Virginia broadcast site


broadcast classifieds


radio links


great insight from J Hill


Major  E H  Armstrong


Philo  Farnsworth


Charles  Herrold 


Dr.  Zworykin


Alan  Freed


formerly MIT's radio database


regulatory information 


online discographical project


Bruce Carter's hobby page


Radio  Spirits


radio repository


videos & music


New York culture


great tv site


pop culture thru the years


dead? or alive?



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